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On the February recruiting class:

“We lost a couple guys to the portal and my job now is to reload.”

"Once we get [these new recruits] in here and developed and ready to go, I think we've got some guys who are going to be able to help us right away."

“We took some DBs. We had some holes there we needed to fill especially with some seniors graduating. We like the length and speed that they have. We took five big guys, three O-Linemen and two D-Linemen, they’re strong and long."

"We signed 12 in the early signing period and we’re at 13 right now in the second period and then we’ve got one more coming so 26 total."


Quarterback room:

“Kolby [Tracy] and Boone [Abbott] are both guys who have started for us in the past. They’re going to help us out. It’s an open quarterback battle. Last year we introduced the new offense so there was some growing pains there…Reggie Graff from Dixie High School has a chance to compete in there as well. Konnor Barrett was a new signee that we got at the break. This Skyler Cassel played some pretty big ball up in Washington…”

On selling offense to recruits:

It’s an easy sell, we were very productive, had an all-American at receiver, Rickie’s got a bunch of records…That’s what they want. These receivers don’t want to be in a 12 personnel, 21 personnel offense where they’re maybe getting 4 or 5 targets in a game. We’re going to target all four of our receivers almost double digits in a game so that’s exciting to be a part of this offense. 

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