Whoever did this needs to win the Nobel Prize or something more than likes on the internet. I mean some internet things need to transcend the thumbs up they get from strangers online and be recognized by the outside world. This guy should get an invite to the White House.

This took an incredible amount time and commitment.


I made a 1:3 scale map of Southern Utah, USA, in Minecraft
byu/AtmosphericBeats inDamnthatsinteresting

I recommend scrolling through the photos above. I don't know a ton about Minecraft, but I've seen people play and you build stuff block by block. Meaning this guy didn't just use AI to generate this, I think he had to manually build this. This is pretty good.

Here are some of the comments:

"That is one of the coolest feats I've ever seen." (AtruisticCoelcanth) "I would love to have that kind of time. I wouldn't do this with it but I would still love to have that kind of time" (US_Dept_of_snark) "Has to be the most beautiful place in the United States. I don't want to go back for another 20 years, but beautiful nonetheless. This is incredible work." (princefungi)

The person who made this must feel an incredible sense of accomplishment. There are those that argue you'd get more satisfaction from making a chair, but I'm not one of those. I understand that a chair is tangible and performs a practical function, but this is something that's impact will echo through the eternities. Or maybe not. Who cares.

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