Basically every screen in America has either Pat McAfee on it or that red headed lady who uses a ton of butter in everything. If you're a sports fan it's the first guy that's on your screen.

Pat McAfee recently signed a contract with ESPN for a bigger salary than Dr. Evil made and he is the twinkle in their eye. He's got his own show, he's on College Gameday, he's on the Manning Cast, he's on with Stephen A. Smith on his show. He's everywhere.

So when McAfee and the College Gameday crew came to Salt Lake last weekend it was awesome because it was the biggest game in the country between the Utes and Oregon, but it became an even bigger deal because McAfee randomly became the biggest booster in the world for the state of Utah.

Here he is talking with Adam Schefter about his time in the Beehive State:

Here he is talking about his experience hanging out with Ryan Smith court side at the Jazz game:

Here he is talking about how Utah deserves an NHL team:

Here he is passionately picking the Utes to beat Oregon:

Yes, he was dead wrong but weren't we all?

There are those who are like: "Big whoop, some former jock has taken a liking to our great state, I'm gonna go take this soup back at Zupa's it's too salty."

And then there are those who say: "Look, the kids love this guy, and he's vouched for our coolness and that helps our street cred period."

Do you like McAfee?

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