You always want to hire a former high school linebacker if you're a police department in rural Utah.

Officer Cory Cooper found himself in pickle with a pig last week. The pig was running around a neighborhood and Cooper used his training to chase down the swine and place him under arrest.

Cooper broke down brilliantly before using the sideline as a second defender to help him close off the edge and bring down piggy.

Pigs have great field vision innately. They find a seam and will burst through it. Plus they have great agility. Getting a solo tackle on these cloven hoofed speedsters is no easy task. Cooper deserves a key to the city.

Apparently Officer Cooper had wrangled with a pig or two before in his life and wasn't intimidated. He knew what it would take to stop this beast.

“It’s kind of all hands on deck because, and when you’re dealing with an animal with a mind of its own, you obviously can’t communicate … their instincts are to fight or flight and most of the time they run and they’re pretty fast,” he told Fox 13. (NY Post)

Hoot Smawley commented saying:

"Very nice takedown...he cornered it, cut off its routes of escape, and executed a perfect tackle. If he can do that while the pig is greased up, he could win himself some money at fairs as a side hustle. :)"

I agree completely. Pigs are slippery, quick, and bigger than they get credit for. They're built low to the ground making them that much more illusive. Congrats once again to the Grantsville PD.

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