JJ Redick was a 48% three point shooter in 2015. He played in 75 games for the Clippers. He made half of the threes he shot. It's one of the best shooting seasons ever. But a handful of years later he shot 37% from 3 and the league was like ok get out. Get out. We never want to see you again. You're fired. Go retire to a ESPN studio show. And I love that sports is based on numbers and performance. And merit. 

What's not is sports talk shows.

Jay Williams has said the jury is still out on Caitlin Clark's greatness. Cowherd saying the Broncos are a super bowl favorite after getting Russell Wilson, Pro Football Focus predicting Kedon Slovis would be the first pick in last year's draft back in 2020. Everybody gets stuff wrong, but these morning talk shows have taken it to another level. Being loud and saying dumb things bring ratings. That's why we need AI to assign sports credit scores to everybody in the media. Oh Adrian Wojnarowski, listen to him he has an 850 credit score, what Skip Bayless, his credit score is sub 300 get him off the air. Robots need to analyze everything that's said and written by all of these guys and put the number next to their name. Let's start shaming these people. 

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