If your kids are getting up at 7am this summer saying they're bored, threaten them with a roadtrip to see this.

According to Utah.com, the #1 hidden gem attraction in Utah is the Gilgal Sculpture Garden in Salt Lake City.

Say wha?

Per the article:

"Most of the sights above are secret because they’re in some remote part of Utah. This one’s hiding in the middle of city block in downtown Salt Lake City. A devout Mormon named Thomas Child, Jr., created deeply personal and mystical sculptures that draw on Mormon theology but resist easy interpretation. Like a sphinx with the head of Joseph Smith, for instance."

I've actually been to this place. It was insane. I need to go back now that I'm older.

There's 12 different sculptures and over 70 stones engraved with different poems and scriptures. According to SLC.gov, it's the only "visionary art environment" designated in Utah. It's open year around.

It's in the backyard of a man named Thomas Child who was LDS and known for his expertise in masonry. He didn't think of himself as an artist but he put all of these sculptures together. You can see more at this link: https://www.slc.gov/parks/parks-division/gilgal-garden/

I like a guy that devotes his backyard to something other than Easter egg hunts.

I don't know if there's any hidden treasures or riddles that lead you to finding some secret documents or anything like that, but it seems like a place that would.

What are your thoughts and will you be making the trek up to Salt Lake?

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