The NHL in Utah has gone from fantasy to reality in a matter of moments and fans are absolutely hyped.

From the get go, fans seem willing and eager to support the squad that formerly resided in Arizona.

The joy of gaining a franchise as a state is something few get to experience in real time, and as of now, fans are salivating at the new experiences that accompany it.

Being one of the first fans to attend a game, rock a jersey, buy a hat, or even adding the new Utah team to your favorite sports in your social media profile, are all new possibilities.

The main issue with that, is the team has literally zero identity as of right now.

The Coyotes likeness and color’s stay as a defunct franchise in the valley of the sun, meaning that as by definition, Utah is a “brand new franchise."

No history, no colors, nothing to draw upon.

Outside of the roster itself, Utah has no clue what this team will look like from an aesthetic standpoint.

Considering owner Ryan Smith’s recent pursuits in fashion (see the Utah Jazz 2022 rebrand attempt) fans are holding their breath to see if they vibe with what the team may roll out.

As fans banter over whether the team should be dubbed the Yetis, Outlaws, Blizzard or any other proposed name, Smith and company reportedly don’t feel too concerned to figure it out anytime soon.

In similarity to the Jazz, the team will be sure to encompass the entirety of the state by being known as “Utah” as opposed to Salt Lake City, which is a big win in my humble opinion.

Alas, no mascot or moniker to be found at this point in time, and per reports such as the ones listed above, it could take some time.

Clarity will certainly be needed from Smith, as reports have varied from not announcing the name until near the start of next season, to starting next year without a name, to going a full year without a name.

Whatever ends up being the determined route, one can already find evidence’s that people behind the scenes are hard at work.

Patents are being filed, people are being hired, and whether we have a mascot in two months or two years it seems very apparent that Ryan Smith wants to do this right.

Fans are naturally anxious and awaiting the brand of your new favorite hockey team wont help ease any of it, but if they nail it, and they seem determined to do so, it can make all the difference.



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