There's just something about going out into the wild and coming back with a fat one for your family to eat at the dinner table.

Some get the same feeling of satisfaction when they pay $50 for a veggie wrap at one of these hip chicken places. But I think there's something to be said about those willing to go out, like a young Teddy Roosevelt, to dip their hooks in the waters of the Beehive State for a chance to bring home a whopper.

Here are the most delicious fish varieties in Utah according to

"Cutthroat Trout: Native to Utah's streams and rivers, the Cutthroat is symbolic of the state's rich angling culture. The Bonneville Cutthroat, found in the Weber and Provo Rivers, can weigh between 2-4 pounds, with specimens tipping the scales at even higher weights." (

By the way, this is a great hockey name. The Utah Cutthroat. I've heard people suggesting it and I think it's pretty great.


"Largemouth Bass: These fish are a centerpiece for bass anglers, known for their aggressive strikes and energetic fights. They flourish in the warmer waters of Utah Lake among other locations." (

Love bass.

"Walleye: Prized for their firm white flesh, these fish are the darlings of culinary enthusiasts and are abundant in Utah Lake." (

I've honestly never had a walleye. I like how it sounds.

"Kokanee Salmon: A landlocked version of the Pacific sockeye salmon, the Kokanee is known for its vibrant red spawning colors and is a popular target in lakes like Strawberry Reservoir." (

Nothing like a fresh caught salmon. Let's go fishing!

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