Back in the days before Instagram people used to get their information from that set of red books that your mom bought in a catalogue one Christmas.


All the world's knowledge was contained in this collection of books but you spent all of your time with that wiener-kid across the street playing Sega Genesis.

The point is, kids nowadays have Instagram and it has even more information. Most of it is useless or made up, but this guy (@isaacWalbeck) posted this series of fun facts about Utah I thought I'd pass on:

-Most snowfall ever happened last year in Alta 75 feet

-The Electric guitar was invented in Utah? (Someone fact check that)

-Movies were filmed here

-Hottest temperature ever was in St. George 117º

This guy seems like he knows what he's talking about.

According to some of the commenters:

Mike1911p1: "Did you get that the 1911 the official State gun of Utah, was designed by John M Browning who was born in this state?"

That's pretty sweet. I didn't know any of that. That's the prettiest handgun of all-time in my book.

@tjy_24 said:

"The Navajo’s invented lacrosse and they are one of the Utah tribes."

@pineapple_chy_88 clarified the bit about the electric guitar:

"Not quite the electric guitar itself, but a utah man named Alvin Rey developed the electric pickup and -helped- develop the electric guitar."

Do any other big ones come to mind? I knew a lot of these but didn't know about the guitar or the 1911. Very cool.

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