In 1986, three dudes from Virginia opened a store called "Only $1.00."

And a bunch of cheapos flooded in to buy off-brand Doritos, batteries, and marshmallows that had lost most of their puff. The store did so well that they opened a bunch more.

Here's a list of 11 items that the experts at say never to get at a dollar store: (link to whole story)

11. Knives

Apparently knives from a dollar store aren't made from the finest materials and a poor cutting knife can hurt somebody.

According to Bob Vila:

"Dull knives are more dangerous than sharp ones because it takes more force to cut with a dull-edged implement."

10. Plastic Kitchen Utensils

Apparently, these are made from the same material as the aforementioned knives.

9. Medicine and Vitamins


Never get your heart medication from a dollar store.

8. Pet Food

Even dogs shouldn't have to eat from the dollar store.

7. Makeup


Why not?

6. Sunscreen

5. Batteries


Vila says:

"If you’re replacing cheap batteries more often than you might otherwise, you’re not really saving as much in the long run as you may think. You’re probably better off spending a few dollars more on good batteries rather than hoping for the best with the off-brand versions."

I say, go sick.

4. Oven Mitt

Let's not get too crazy here. I normally use my shirt sleeve are saying the dollar store doesn't have something better than that?

3. Umbrellas

This is another "oh, please!" from me.

You use an umbrella three times a year. Get a crappy one.

2. Jewelry

Why not? What, you married the Princess of Wales?

1. Windshield Washer Fluid

From Vila:

"Dollar store washer fluid may be cheaper because it does not have an anti-freezing element, which could lead to a hazardous drive if you cannot see out your windshield."

Be careful out there!

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