I don’t care if you’re the MUSS-iest, meatballiest Utah fan on the planet. You must feel bad for Zach Wilson at this point.

He is smack dab in Ryan Leaf territory. Second overall pick who has gone complete mental. What's weird about Wilson is he can't complete a 8 yard hitch or a swing pass out to the running back. This goes beyond physical limitations. This is psychological.

Ryan Leaf, in his second season, put up very similar numbers:

attachment-Screen Shot 2022-12-23 at 10.32.15 AM
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Leaf got to play in a lot more games because the Chargers were horrible.

Wilson’s situation is worse because he’s on a playoff caliber team where he is clearly the weak link.

Jets fans were booing Wilson from the first series last night because they expected to be a 10 win team this year.

For a second, this guy got the Jeremy Lin treatment in NYC…

Wilson deserves blame for trying to extend plays way too much and for never being on time in the pocket. No matter how good you were “off-schedule” in college, that can’t be your default in the NFL.

Mahomes, Tua, and Hurts are all top 5 in passer rating with with a clean pocket. Then all the stuff they do off-schedule is gravy, it’s not their default.

Clean Pocket Passer Ratings
Clean Pocket Passer Ratings

I’m sorry for Wilson. Hope he gets a real second chance. I think in a couple years when he steps in as somebody's backup and has a great game everybody will be cheering for him as the underdog. But it's gonna be a while and he needs to get the heck out of NYC.


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