The most tragic thing in America is when a lunatic takes a gun into a school. One of the ideas to stop it from happening is to have an armed guard at each school. This is often brought up but now there's an actual proposal at Utah's Capitol Hill. It's called H.B. 61 and according to KSL: (full article)

"An armed guard would be required at every single school building in the state among other safety measures under a new bill lawmakers at Utah’s Capitol Hill are discussing.

H.B. 61 would require all Utah schools to have at least one armed security personnel on campus during school hours. The bill gives schools the option of four different positions to help fill in and serve as school security." (Cobabe /

Here are some of the comments on social media:

@CarolNav11 said:

"Who’s going to pay for the guards, video surveillance equipment, etc in every school? Utah leg is good at passing laws that require school districts to have programs & protocols but never allocate $ for the requirements. So many things wrong with this idea."

@PatFreedomEagle said:

"Here we are batting around ideas that gun nuts hope might work when all we need to do is look at every other developed nation to see what they did to solve the problem."

@captainkev said:

So more taxpayer dollars going to jobs that shouldn’t be needed but also not paying the teachers better. Got it…

If you have a school aged child, what is your opinion of this plan?

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