Kedon Slovis deserves to start if he's healthy. He got BYU five wins which was better than expected at this point in the season.

Jake Retzlaff is a fine ballplayer.

BYU should be ok firing assistant coaches midseason now that they're in a big boy league. I know it goes against their code of conduct, but you can't hang onto a coach just because you want to be nice.

For as much as we blame the coaching staff, West Virginia had better players than BYU all over the field. That's going to be the case in the majority of BIG 12 games. BYU has to be better schematically and better coached. This is how they've always won.


The Utes are going to have many more opportunities in the future to beat the heck out of teams that have less talent than they do. This wasn't the case for the majority of their life in the PAC 12. USC, UCLA, Oregon, Washington, always had more talent than Utah. Utah would win with developing players, with better coaching, home field advantage etc...

Now the Utes are entering a phase where 80% of the games they play next year they'll have better players than the other team. Maybe you can say TCU or Oklahoma State will have better rosters, but it's going to be close. Utah's trenches are the best in the West this year.

Can the Pig Farmer knock off Washington on the road? Why the heck not.

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