Here's a dash cam video of the truck flying through an intersection:  

Dashcam footage of the crash in Tooele. byu/Varsity_Reviews inUtah

Per the KMTV News Staff in Tooele: (Full Story) A fire erupted at a car dealership in Tooele, Utah as crews responded to a semi-truck crash that ultimately damaged 27 vehicles and injured a dozen others this past Friday afternoon. KUTV reports that all directions of traffic were closed while officials investigated. According to Lt. Jeremy Hansen with Tooele police, the incident began at 1:45 p.m. Friday when a semi-double trailer hauling gravel was traveling northbound on Main Street and crashed twice. One of the injured people was a woman who had to be airlifted to a hospital. The reason the truck lost control and wasn't braking is still under investigation. It was a double trailer truck that was hauling gravel. Twenty-seven total vehicles were damaged in its wake.   Here's the full report from KSL News that shows several other camera angles and footage of the truck's destructive path.

Here's an aerial view of the aftermath of the truck crash:

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