Can you tell me what this sign means?

It's outside the Super Cuts and the Berries & Cream at the Shoppes at Zion.

"No Cuts | No Colors"

PC: Andy Thompson
PC: Andy Thompson

What does that mean?

I sat there trying to figure it out for 20 minutes.

It's outside a Super Cuts, does it mean if you're getting your haircut that you can't park here because it's going to take too long?

PC: Andy Thompson
PC: Andy Thompson

Does it mean you can't get your hair colored? But does Super Cuts do hair coloring?

Does it mean you can't color with chalk on the platform where the tables are? But who would do that? Why would they need a sign?

Does it mean you can't cut in line if there's a line outside the door to Berries & Cream? But what about the "color" part?

This is the most mind boggling sign I've ever seen. I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight.

Why would the Shoppes at Zion put up a sign that has no details. Don't the understand this is going to confuse anyone who sees it? Why not have a sub-headline that gives a little more detail?

Am I an idiot? Does everyone know what this means?

"No Colors"??

I don't know.

Sometimes you see somebody with a bumper sticker that's a little cryptic and you drive closer to it to try and read the whole thing and you might not get it but you realize this person is a weirdo who has a weird bumper sticker.

This thing is a sign for everyone to read and presumably be able to understand. Please let me know if you can crack the riddle.

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