After struggling through the season with a 31-51 record, posting a second consecutive losing season, and falling back in the NBA draft lottery to land the 10th overall selection, Utah could use a bit of positivity.

Rather instead they took a massive kick while down today.

The NBA communications page revealed not only their most viewed video across social media this year, but of all time, and lo and behold the Utah Jazz were featured prominently in it.

Generating more than 260 million video views is not something that was likely anticipated when the Jazz lost to Dallas. 113-97, on March 21st, a seemingly common NBA regular season game.

While being another unremarkable loss for the Jazz who went 4/30 from downtown, Dallas would achieve a highlight play of a lifetime.

The video as shown above highlights the Luka Doncic steal off the hands of Keyonte George.

Doncic, on the floor, flicks the ball behind his head in a swift motion to Kyrie Irving, who is running the floor at full steam ahead.

Irving, sensing Jazz big man, Walker Kessler, in hot pursuit had two options in this scenario.

Option 1: Attempt the lay in, hoping Kessler cannot contest or fouls.

Option 2: Go for the razzle dazzle.

Irving went for the razzle dazzle.

Going up with the left, switching to the right hand and flicking the ball backwards over the top of a leaping Kessler, Irving found a trailing Derrick Jones Jr, who took flight and packed that thing with a powerful rim rocking two hand slam.

Some have described it as poetry in motion, or as basketball at its best leaning into the “defense creates offense mantra.”

Between the defensive hustle, two incredible passes off the hands of Doncic and Irving and a high-flying throwdown for Jones Jr, its not hard to see why fans can’t stop replaying the clip.

In fact, the clip has been taken, slowed down and enhanced with a soundtrack to make it all the better.

Safe to assume a large majority of the views have come via clips like this one below posted by merixalex set to the tune of Future, Rick Ross and Metro Boomin’s “Everyday Hustle.”

Watching something like the original play transpire is crazy cool, but being able to slow it down and analyze each and everything that made it happen is even more cool.

It truly makes you appreciate the play as a piece of art, as opposed to just another dunk or pass on a highlight reel.

It also makes you realize, as a Jazz fan, that life isn’t about to throw you a bone anytime soon.

But any publicity is good publicity, right?


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