Coach Alema Te'o joined us on the show to talk about this year's All Poly camp.

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Congratulations to the ten Region 9 athletes who were honored by the Deseret News over the weekend. It's an impressive list to be on as only 170 athletes in the whole state were apart of it.

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Cyrus Polu ranked among top 51 linebackers in the country

Cyrus Polu has played basically every position on the field for Desert Hills over the past few years. Linebacker, safety, receiver, running back, punter, punt returner...

But in college he's planning on being a linebacker. According to Tom Lemming of the "Lemming Report" the premier prep football magazine in the country, Polu is going to be in the top 51 linebacker prospects in the country.

Can't wait to watch Polu this next year.

Coach Danny Ipson Retires from Dixie


"For some coaches there's a single episode or instance in their career that totally personifies them and the type of coach they were. For Tom Osborne at Nebraska it was going for 2 in the Orange Bowl against Miami instead of kicking a PAT to tie. Terry Francona was stealing second base in game 4 of the ALCS with Dave Roberts. Jim Valvano was fouling the opponent late in games to send them to the free throw line and miss that's how they made their run to the title. 

For our very own Coach Danny Ipson for Dixie High it was the 2018 state championship. Packed crowd at Bruce Hurst field full of Dixie Flyer fans and Desert Hills fans. It's the bottom of the 7th, 0-0 game. One out dixie up at bat. Runner on third is Blake Oaks, batter is Kayler Yates. The count is 2-2. Coach Ipson calls a suicide squeeze. One of the hardest plays in baseball to execute. Yates has to get the bunt down or he's out. If he bunts through it there's gonna be a double play, inning over, this is for the state championship. Yates puts the bunt down beautifully, Oaks scores easily, game over, bedlam on the field. How did Coach Ipson know his guys would execute that play, in the most pressure packed situation possible. He knew it would work because they're Dixie Flyers and he was their coach."

Congratulations to Coach Ipson on a legendary career with hundreds of players over the years who were influenced by his leadership.

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