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He's staying at Pine View. Most kids when they get old man. I got a chance to be a four or five star kid. I got to get to a prep school. He's not doing that,

I'm wondering what you think about that. You know, that's a good question. And I think the colleges look at the guy who's loyal to his friends and his family stays home and the ballplayers to go to places like IMG when they already have 20 to 40 offers to me are ballplayers that will sell out just for money or just prestige and stuff like that.

So they're also the ones that now you see going to college and entering the portal as soon as they don't get a starting job. So you want ballplayers that'll stick with his buddies, the guys you grew up with his team through thick and thin, especially Brock, who's got offers from the entire country. Why should he? Why should he go?"

BYU Signs International Star


I just watched All the President's Men for the umpteenth time this past weekend.

It's one of the greatest move is ever made. Two hungry reporters trying to crack Watergate. So many people involved, it's a web of lies how do they crack it?

Woodward talks to Deep throat in a parking garage and get this famous advice..."follow the money!"

That's what I'm trying to do right now when it comes to BYU basketball.

I know Kevin Young is considered a basketball wunderkind. He has a network of NBA ties and international ties who respect him. He coached Durant and Booker and all these guys so you can see how he would be an attractive coach for recruits. BYU has been in the mix for some of the biggest kids in the transfer portal they got Elijah Crawford, they were in the final three for Chaz Lanier, and now they apparently have Egor Demin from Real Madrid one of the best international prospects in the world. He's supposed to be a lottery pick next year. According to WOJ he's coming to BYU! Is he coming just because he really likes Kevin Young. I don't think so.

How competitive has BYU's NIL gotten? Follow the money!

This isn't just about Young's reputation. This is about BYU basketball opening up the pocket book. First it was committing a ton of money to Kevin Young (with the help of Ryan Smith? I don't know.) Now it's landing one of the most sought after guys in international play.

I don't know what's happening...

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