Shawn Bradley was one in a million when he was in high school at Emery high.

He once had 17 blocks in one game against Manti in 1988. He averaged 9 blocks a game his senior year. He lead not only the state of Utah but the entire country.

Penei Sewell. A one in a million talent from the state of Utah. He was the best high school football player in the country his senior year out one million high school football players. He happened to be in little old St. George Utah.

Right now, there's a basketball player in St. George who out of 500,000 boys high school basketball players and 400,000 girls high school basketball players, has more assists than any of them!

He's leading the region, the classification, the state, and the country in assists per MaxPreps.

He's averaging 11.3 assists per game. He had 17 assists in their last game against Desert Hills.

His name is Jordan Roberts. He's from little old St. George Utah. And he plays for Dixie high.

Go watch him play!

Utah Single Season Assist Record

Assists — season 

266 Rylan Jones, Olympus, 2017-2018

254 Jordan Barnes, Olympus, 2021-2022 

252 Brian Moore, Ogden, 1988-1989 

248 Jordan Roberts, Dixie, 2022-2023 

232 Jordan Barnes, Olympus, 2022-2023 

227 Steve Mihas, Bountiful, 1985-1986 

225 Brendan Dayton, Timpview, 1987-1988 

223 Gerald Broad, Ben Lomond, 1985-1986 

217 Jeff Brothers, Dugway, 1983-1984 

215 Chris Jones, Judge Memorial, 1988-1989

Roberts is on pace to break the record this year. Last season as a junior he had 254 assists which is fourth all-time in the state.

Listen to the Dixie Flyers play the Cedar Reds tonight on 590 KSUB in Cedar City.

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