Are you ever sitting at a In-n-Out about to tear into your double-double, and think "I'd kill for a Mountain Dew to go with this burger?"

No. Because we've all been trained. In-n-out is a Coke restaurant. They don't have Mountain Dew. Just like you can't imagine eating a chalupa at Taco Bell with a coke. Taco Bell serves pepsi products. That's their affiliation. Everybody understands. Nobody gets upset. Nobody does both Coke and Pepsi. Pick a restaurant, deal with the soda.

Just like you pick a sports team, you deal with what's served. Your brain becomes trained. You would never think to sit down at a Texas Tech game and order "three yards and a pile of dust" on offense. They don't offer that on the menu. BYU fans don't show up and ask for Deion Sanders and Charles Woodson. Star DBs have never been offered.

Here's what's weird about Utah this year...they're offering something different. The Whittingham menu has always been, defensive linemen, quarterback pressure, sack lake city. When fans sit down to watch the Utes they know that's what the team serves. In 2016, 2018 Utah was top 1 or 2 in the Pac 12 in Sacks. Hunter Dimick, Bradlee Anae, Nate Orchard etc... NFL defensive linemen. You go to a Utes game, you're ordering "Sack Lake City". Your asking for "run stuffing."

But the past two years they've switched the menu. You don't order sacks anymore. You order that at USC. Same with stuffing the run. That's what you order at Oregon or Washington this year. Utah's 7th in the conference in run defense...they've switched their menu from Pepsi to Coke. They're now serving 43 pts, 42 pts, 35, 34, in conference play. They have an 85% Touchdown percentage in the red zone. They're not kicking field goals. They've only attempted eight all year. They're converting 50% of third downs, and leading the conference in yards per pass attempt. This is like drinking Mountain Dew at a Chick Fil a for heavens sakes.

It's disconcerting for Utah fans. But maybe you'll be enjoying a Coke at the Rose Bowl again this year because of it.

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