"If you want to bore yourself to tears, be out with somebody who discovers that somebody else is an Aggie. They stop whatever they're doing and talk about Old Farm for two hours. Juniper takeout. Aggie blue mint. They love Logan. It's their glory days. Life has never been as good since. That doesn't happen if you're a Ute or a Cougar. Oh you went to Utah, yeah but I lived at home to save money. Oh you were in Provo yeah Frozen yogurt cool yeah. Logan is magical. That meme of the couple lying in bed, and the wife wondering what the husband is thinking...he's thinking about Logan. That's the glory days. 

I don't need to tell Craig Smith this. When he's lying in bed at night. He's thinking about Aggie Blue Mint. He's thinking about a standing room only Spectrum, the Hurd. He's thinking about confetti in Las Vegas, Sam Merrill. Conference championships. Smith has yet to finish a season above 500 in the PAC 12. A worse basketball conference than the mountain west.  What about Ryan Odom. What's he think about at night? How come Max Shulga and Sean Bairstow can't make shots anymore, they were lights out last year as Aggies. You took the players but the magic stayed in the Spectrum. Odom's rolling around in his covers sleepless at night thinking about what it was like last year playing in March Madness...sure father's proud you're back on the east coast, is he gonna come watch you in the NIT? Meanwhile 100% new players at Utah State are on the verge of a conference championship and a berth in the NCAA tournament. Danny Sprinkle! You're going to leave Logan maybe this year maybe next. You're gonna get more money, but less sleep."

Beehive Hoops Pyramid -  February 12, 2024

Let's go...

We're honoring five basketball players from the Beehive State in our weekly pyramid based on who had the best weekend.

Let's start with the bottom tier...


Mason Falslev - Utah State

Falslev is one of my favorites because he's a 4A alum from Sky View. He went off against Boise State and scored 25 points and made a few threes. Falslev is all hustle on defense and is fun in transition. I look forward to watching the Aggies come tournament time.

Nizhoni Dominguez - Hurricane Lady Tigers

Domingues had 17 points and 10 rebounds in the Lady Tigers win against Crimson Cliffs. Nizhoni has scored in double figures in three straight games for Hurricane.

John Collins - Utah Jazz

Collins was arguably the Jazz best player against the Suns. Efficient game knock down shooter etc.


Kyle Lemke - Dixie Flyers

Nobody can stop Lemke. He gets the lobs, he gets to his spots, he can beat you over the top with a hook shot. I don't know how teams are going to play him in the playoffs but I'm guessing he'll be shooting a lot of free throws.

Olivia Hamlin - Snow Canyon Lady Warriors

The best player in the state? I think it's close. She had 34 last Thursday and a million steals. She is a one person full-court press. Rick Pitino would love to have her on his team.


Jaylen Searles - Utah Tech

Searles had a career night for the Trailblazers and what a game to have it. Cal Baptist is third in the WAC and a rival of Utah Tech. Searles went off and he is this week's King of Utah Hoops.

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