Most of us are obese so let's stop with the judgement already. How are we all supposed to look like Mark-Paul Gosselaar when everything we eat is 97% corn syrup?

Let's get to the facts.

The most obese county in the country is Warren County in Georgia. The obesity rate is 57.7%. Other counties over 50% include Jefferson, Mississippi (53.7%), King and Queen, Virginia (52.3%), Ziebach, South Dakota (51.6%) and Aleutians East, Alaska (50.5%).

Given that context, let's look at the most obese county in the state of Utah...

Uintah County (35.2%)

Uintah County has a population of around 35,000 people and includes the great cities of Ballard, Naples and, of course, Vernal.

According to (full article)

"In Utah, 25.9% of adults are obese. The state’s most obese county is Uintah where the adult obesity rate is 35.2%, about 6 percentage points higher than the national adult obesity rate of 29.0%.

Physical exercise can reduce the likelihood of obesity. In Uintah County, 24.2% of adults don’t exercise on a regular basis, compared to 18.1% of adults across Utah as a whole.

Poor diet is another factor that can lead to obesity — and diet is often significantly affected by economic circumstances. Low-income Americans can afford fewer healthy options. The median annual household income in Uintah County is $65,264, which is $6,357 less than the state median of $71,621."

There's a look at beautiful Uintah County and some of its fine folks who look plenty fit to me.

Stay tuned for next week when we look at the Utah county with the most body hair. Until then, enjoy a guilt-free sausage egg and cheese McGriddle sandwich with me. We're all gonna be dead in forty years anyway, let's not get all uppity about it.

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