In Utah, Christmas songs are legally mandated to begin playing right after the Fourth of July. In fact, some fireworks shows in Utah climax to "Mary Did You Know?"


This is their way of kicking off the Christmas season with a bang. And the most important thing about Christmas is complaining about that (swear word) Mariah Caray song and the song that WHAM! did that makes everybody want to get eggnog poisoning.


But for the good folks of the Beehive state, there's one song that stands out as the best. According to a report by FinanceBuzz that song is...

"A Holly Jolly Christmas"

Per Wikipedia:

"A Holly Jolly Christmas" was written by Johnny Marks in 1962. It was the title song of The Quinto Sisters' first album, Holly Jolly Christmas, recorded in June 1964 for Columbia Records, featuring guitarist Al Caiola with arrangements by Frank Hunter and Marty Manning.[2]

The song was featured in the 1964 Rankin-Bass Christmas special, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, in which Burl Ives voiced the narrator, Sam the Snowman. Originally to be sung by Larry D. Mann as Yukon Cornelius, the song, as well as "Silver and Gold", was given to Ives due to his singing fame.[3] This version was also included on the soundtrack album."

What's with Burl's "I'm God's Gift to Christmas Music" expression there? Who does he think he is Perry Como?

Don't get me wrong, Ives has more talent in his left chestnut than most Christmas singers today have in their whole body. I'm just saying tone down the cockiness a little bit.

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