There are some sins that are "unpardonable" if you're from Utah. Like if you're from Chicago and put ketchup on your hot dog. Or if you're from Idaho and you use a turn signal.

Here's the first confession from u/archery-noob:

"Not what y'all are thinking. I've lived in Utah my whole life and as such I've committed a serious sin by outsiders' standards. I've only been skiing and snowboarding once each. To my knowledge I have never visited the all of the Big 5, and of the few I have done, I've never been twice (arches when I was like 5)."

IC: Andy Thompson
IC: Andy Thompson

I share in this sin. I've only been skiing a few times and never snowboarding. This is something I don't admit often.

Let's go to our second confession...

u/JuryDutyHologram said:

"Never been to Lake Powell."

IC: Andy Thompson
IC: Andy Thompson

Dude. This isn't something to kid about. Have you really not? You will get eaten alive by Utahns if you admit this.

u/EveryAverage743 said:

"I’ve never driven 65 mph in the passing lane on I-15."

Funny guy...

On to the next confession by u/MacorKing453:

"I’ve never had one of those sodas with all the extra syrup and s*** in them. I don’t even remember what they’re called lol"

Ok then u/xxUtleyxx said:

"They’re really not even good imo. Every drink I’ve ever tried from those places is just absurdly sweet and overpowering, and the flavors don’t even work well together. My buddy gets a 44 oz like every day and any time I’ve had a sip it tastes like straight battery acid. But I guess I just don’t like very strong drinks in the first place, I love my seltzer water. Anything sweeter is generally too much..."

IC: Andy Thompson
IC: Andy Thompson

Double blasphemy. First you have the non-SWIG drinker, and then someone else saying that it's not "even good." Do these people even care?

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