FAO Schwarz ain't got nothin' on Judd King...

King is a toy inventor who was raised in Utah and is nominated for toy of the year. King moved to Los Angeles and realized that it didn't have the community feel that Utah had. He didn't see kids out playing together as much as when he was growing up in the Beehive State. So he did something about it.

The toy that is nominated is called Cosmic Kick the Can. Per The Salt Lake Tribune: (full article)

"If you need a refresher: Kick the Can is an outdoor game, traditionally played with tin or soda cans, outside in yards or on residential streets. One person in a group of kids is “it,” while the rest of the group hides. The goal is to sneak up on the “it” kid and kick the can before being tagged.

King’s version gives players a soft, light-up “can,” or spaceship, that changes colors when it’s kicked. The illuminated target lets kids play in the dark. In line with the game’s theme, the player guarding the target is the “Intergalactic Terrestrial,” or “IT,” and must defend the spaceship from “invaders.” Players can score points by kicking the can (indicated by a change in color), and the “it” player can score points by tagging people out."  (Sollitt)

It looks awesome.

If he wins it'll put his toy in another stratosphere especially internationally.

I can't think of a more fun way to spend a life than making toys. Good for King and good for the state of Utah for trying to take credit for his genius.

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