Summer is all about growing to hate your children more and more with every passing day...

That's why in the 1970's some guy named George Millay invented the Waterpark.

According to

"George Millay had founded Sea World in 1964 in San Diego and later opened similar parks in Ohio and Orlando, Fla. In the 1970s, he saw the potential for a park built around water attractions, and in 1977 he opened what is considered the first water park, Wet n’ Wild in Orlando, according to

The parked proved so popular that he opened more in the United States, Mexico and Brazil. From the viewpoint of the history of water slides, this was a particularly important step." (Link to full article)

Thanks, George.

Here are the top spots to get some water thrills this summer in Utah:

Cowabunga Bay | Draper, UT

This place is great for kids. They do the big bucket that dumps every couple of minutes, have rides that any kid can go on pretty comfortably, and the concessions are well...waterpark concessions.

Cherry Hill | Farmington, UT

Cherry Hill is the park of my youth.

Here's a Google review from Scot Carrington from this year:

"This is still such a fun place to hang out. The mini golfing course is amazing and so animated. The innovation on this course can't be found anywhere else nearby and the water park is a fun time to cool down in the summer. The staff were very helpful and friendly as well. It's such a unique place of history and nostalgia."

I love the minigolf.

I also go for nostalgia.

7 Peaks (now called Splash Summit) | Provo, UT


Not baaaaad.

Soon we'll have one in St. George. Until then, go sick.

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