There are those that consume horror movies like red pepper relish. 

And they say to their friends: "just watch through your fingers."

And they say to their wives: "the kid's nearly 7-years-old, I'm not pausing it."

I am not one of these maniacs. I like my movies straight forward and about baseball or at least to have a part for Dennis Quaid.

The problem is there's a lot of people out there who are over Quaid movies and want to not only watch scary stuff all the time, they want to go out into the world looking for jump scares.

Well according to, there is a great place these people can go in Utah.

According to the article, the most haunted hotel in Utah is the Bigelow Hotel in Ogden.


"Formerly known as the Ben Lomond Hotel, the original hotel was built in 1927 and was named the Bigelow and was added to the national register of historic places 1990. The building is now named the Bigelow Hotel & Residencies and has quite a dark history.

One of the spirits is that of a hotel employee. This hotel employee fell down the elevator shaft and died and now his ghost is said to haunt the hotel. The ghost enjoys playing with the elevator making it move up and down the hotel on its own with no one in it." (full article)

It goes on to talk about ghosts who still inhabit specific rooms and bathtub faucets that turn on by themselves.

I'm not much for ghosts, but if your kids are driving you crazy and you're looking for an overnight adventure, consider the Bigelow, except unfortunately it's no longer a hotel it's an apartment building. Either way I'm sure the ghosts are still there.

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