The NBA Draft is usually a night of fear and loathing for Jazz fans.


But this year they've got Danny calling the shots and I think fans can go into Thursday night with some confidence.

Ainge's recent draft winners include Marcus Smart (2014, 1st round pick 6), Jaylen Brown (2016, 1st round pick 3), Jayson Tatum ( 2017, 1st round pick 3), Robert Williams (1st round pick 27).

He also picked Romeo Langford in 2019 in the first round and Aaron Nesmith in 2020...but overall Ainge is awesome in the first round.

A lot of people are talking about Cam Whitmore out of Villanova but the Jazz may need to trade up to get him.

Whitmore only spent one year at Villanova, but has all the "measurables." He's 6'7" and can guard on the perimeter.

From Mike Jensen's piece in the Philadelphia Enquirer: (Link to Full Article)

"The NBA drafts on potential, and Whitmore has loads of it, so he’s been rising up mock drafts, from top 10 to maybe top five. He could end up as the highest Villanova draft choice of our lifetime. Given that possibility, it’s weird to have no opinion.

'“He’s built for a pro day,” one scout said of seeing Whitmore rise lately. Just not rising on this scout’s personal board: “I just don’t love on-ball players that don’t read the game well and make others better.”'

There are a million other prospects the Jazz could draft in the first round, but what makes this year so intriguing is that Ainge can do anything. He has loads of picks and money which is why according to casinos the Jazz are odds-on favorites to land Draymond Green in the offseason.

This is hilarious. Can't wait till Thursday.

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