There are 49 other states of the Union and it's possible that people from Utah might move to one of them. Theoretically of course. But say you did move away from Utah, what would you miss most about the state?

Well Utahns have weighed in and the number one answer on the board is...


IC: Andy Thompson
IC: Andy Thompson

u/BustedAxeles said:

"Moved to East Texas 20 years ago. I grew up in a tiny town pushed up against the mountains in central Utah thinking every kid had what I had. Hunting, fishing, camping, sand dunes, seasons. Summer nights watching storms roll out of the west and sunsets that were like paintings in a museum. Space and freedom that public land provides.

We're putting our house on the market in the spring and moving back out west, maybe (probably) not Utah, but somewhere we can go into the mountains when it's hot and 4 wheel drive is a necessity." (Link)

Next was the seasons...


u/UtahHiker said of what they'd miss most:

  1. Close proximity to a variety of outdoor activities. In a couple hours of driving I can be in either: the Uintahs, Capitol Reef, the Salt Flats, or any number of Alpine lakes and canyons.

  2. Family and close friends.

  3. 8 beautiful seasons: winter, first spring, second winter, second spring, summer, hell, football fall, spooky fall.

Third, skiing. That's basically mountains again...


Fourth...Fry Sauce.


What the heck is that? That's disgusting, and not fry sauce.

Fifth, Temples


Seems like most states have temples nowadays, but not as many as Utah.

Sixth, Taco Time Crisp Bean Burritos

u/TuesdaysSuck said:

Moved away. In order of magnitude of what I miss.

  1. Family

  2. Taco time crisp bean burritos

  3. Driving through any of the canyons

  4. Fry sauce at every fast food joint.

Seventh, Southern Utah Red Rocks


u/Glencanyon said:

I lived Kentucky for 15 years and just absolutely missed the red canyons of Southern Utah and also Lake Powell. I moved back to Utah a few years ago and don't plan on living anywhere else.

Eighth, Cafe Rio Burrito


That's not Cafe Rio.

Ninth, Family.


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