Look, we're all sick of Park City, let's be honest. Robert Redford doesn't even go there anymore. It's crowded. It's full of people who read the New Yorker and drink Mudwater. When people from other states think of the coolest place in Utah they think Park City. That's why today, we're picking the most underrated small town in Utah.

Let's start with Duck Creek Village in Southern Utah. This is my pick for most underrated quaint small town in the state.

I love this place in summer or winter.

What about Torrey, Utah at Capitol Reef?

u/Mowkin on Reddit says:

"Torrey is a cool little town right outside of Capitol Reef. Not a whole lot to do in the town per se, they do have cool events from time to time, and it’s a dark sky town, so stargazing is amazing. Capitol Reef is super cool too if you haven’t been."

What about Eureka, Utah in Juab County? Underrated quaint little spot.


u/Utdirtdetective says:

"Eureka is only an hour drive to the southwest from SLC, literally straight down Redwood to the end of the road, and then directly west from there.

Also, at the intersection where Redwood ends, there are 2 closed gas stations across from each other. The station on the south end of the corner is one of the only original Sinclair garages still standing. It has been since converted to a mini local museum that occasionally hosts events like car shows and motorcycle rallies/races."

I would have put Logan on this list probably 10 years ago. But it's not really a small town anymore.

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