First of all, does Salt Lake City even have skyscrapers? Well...


"The definition of a skyscraper has changed throughout history. In the 1880s, the term was first coined in Chicago to describe the Home Insurance Building. The Home Insurance Building was only 10-stories high, but at the time the building and its steel-framed construction was considered a true innovation. Buildings that ranged between 10 and 20 floors continued to be labeled as “skyscrapers” for years to come. As advances were made in construction, the qualifications to be considered a skyscraper grew to 150-meter (492-foot) minimum." 

Ok so does Salt Lake have any buildings that are 492-feet? Uhhhhh.


Here are the top three...

1- The Wells Fargo Center is 422-feet. Why didn't they add a few more floors? So we could have some self respect?


2 - The LDS Church Office Building is 420-feet.


3 - The 95 State Street at City Creek building is 395-feet.


Ok, so technically, there's no skyscrapers. Ok fine, let's rephrase the question: how much do window washers get paid to wash the tall buildings in Salt Lake City?



Hi rise view. The scary way downtown slc
by u/RingOk8965 in Utah

According to the guy who made the post, they're making $25/hr. Doesn't this seem a little low? Sure $25/hr will always sound great to those of us who grew up in the 80's and 90's or before, but isn't Arby's paying like $17/hr right now? So These dudes are risking their lives for $8/hr more than the kid making your curly fries?

I wouldn't do this job for any amount of money. I'd rather be put into a pit of snakes. I hate heights. These guys deserve a bunch more cash. They're heroes.

Illinois Home Built By "Father of the Modern Skyscraper"

Gallery Credit: Jeff Baker, @properties-Oak Park,

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