Sports talk radio has always been our country's best platform for measured, reasonable dialogue.

If you want inflammatory garbage read the newspaper!

But if you want something with a little more depth, a little more nuance, listen to yammering sports talk radio blowhards (like me!).

One of the greatest twitter people is @BigGameBoomer. Elon Musk should be sending this guy five G's a week. He's the guy who puts out rankings about college football all the time that tick people off, like this one:

Anyway, he was on The Ben Criddle Show on ESPN 960 in Provo and said the following about the BYU/Utah rivalry:

"You have to look at a full body. BYU is a national brand. Utah is a regional brand. Who's won a natty? BYU won one. Utah hasn't. Who's won a Heisman? BYU. Who won the last time they played? BYU. In my opinion, Utah is scared to play BYU and would rather play SEC teams and miss out on playing one of the best college football rivalry games in the country. When you add those things up, BYU is the big brother to Utah." -BIG GAME BOOMER on The Ben Criddle Show (Listen Here)

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This is fantastic because Utah fans are having a bird over it:

This is exactly what we need in in mid-June when we're all depressed.

Utah deserves all the crap they can get for not playing BYU. Even though Boomer is trolling here, I like it. Utah chose to not play BYU and play Florida instead and that is an unpardonable sin.

But to be fair to Utah, when it comes to the argument of who is big brother in the rivalry, all trolling aside, Whittingham is daddy.

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