Your uncle used to say that "cold weather builds character." And he said that because when he was a kid he had to get up at 5 a.m. and go out and shovel corn silage and water the hogs and milk the cow. And he didn't even have a good pair of gloves really. And so when he hears you now whining about running from you 71 degree house to your 71 degree car to your 71 degree place of work, he scoffs at you.

However, last night, even old uncle Arnie would a shivering be...

According to FOX13:

"For parts of northern Utah, it'll be so cold that the forecast temperatures in the teens along the Wasatch Front will seem balmy for those in the Cache Valley.

A Wind Chill Warning has been put into effect for the Cache Valley through 9 a.m. Tuesday as "feels like" temps will drop to -26 degrees in areas such as Randolph in northeast Utah."

Ok, so that was last night. What about tonight?

Well things get a little warmer. Cache Valley will only get down to 10 degrees tonight and Salt Lake will be 25 degrees.

St. George will have an overnight low of about 33 degrees.

Some Utahns are saying: "hey we gotta be tougher than those neck-bowed Hawkeyes in Iowa!"

And others are saying things like: "I didn't move to St. George to scrape off my windshield in the morning."

And still others are saying: "Where the hell is Randolph, Utah?"

Where do you fit on the spectrum of weather complainers? Let me know in the comments!

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