Pickleball has been a growing favorite in Southern Utah for years, and the sport is gaining national attention too, but for all the wrong reasons.  

Both KSL.com and even the NY Times have published recent pieces about the noise and light complaints that are sweeping both the state and the nation. The SWOOSH of the ball, when it hits the paddle is a constant background noise in some communities. St. George is no exception.  

Vernon Worthen Park hosts a year-round farmer’s market and though it’s on the opposite side of the pickleball courts, a game can sometimes be heard. Walking by on your way to the market is a good way to wake up. 

It’s not just in parks either, it’s in neighborhoods too.  

Photo by Abner Campos on Unsplash
Photo by Abner Campos on Unsplash

Some people love pickleball and jump at the chance to find a nice court nearby and cities are just trying to keep up with the demand, KSL and NY Times said.  

The issue seems to lie in the constant THWACK that some paddles give off and because of the heat, right now it’s best to play either super early or super late. That’s not exactly an ideal sound for any neighborhood to wake up to.  

The NY Times spoke with Pickleball Sound Mitigations about the noise issue and found that some pickleball noise can reach up to 70dBA (decibel measurement) even at 100 feet away. The average “everyday noise” of lawnmowers or vacuum clears is around 55dBA so that’s an issue.  

KSL found similar issues in Utah, especially up north.  

So, what do we do about pickleball noise? Is it a huge issue in Southern Utah? 

Some pickleball players have opted for muffling equipment to help out with the noise complaints while some others just simply stick to facility rules. Homeowners fed up with the noise have even moved but again, the popularity of the sport doesn’t make that a solid option.  

Some people have even taken this to court so it’s obviously pretty serious. We would love to hear from you on our FB about your experience with pickleball noise madness in Southern Utah.  



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