Two Utah Cities Make the Top 20 List gathered data from the FBI that looked at crime statistics in the United States and compiled list of the safest cities in America. Utah has two cities in the top 20 with Saratoga Springs at #13 with violent crimes at 0.8 per 1,000 residents and property crime of 7.0. 

The second Utah city was Herriman at #18 with violent crime at 0.7 per 1c000 residents and property crimes at 7.9. These cities were in Utah were a long distance away from the safest city. 


Jackson Township, New Jersey holds the top spot for safety with a violent crime rate of 0.3 and property crime rate of 4.4. I wouldn’t have guessed this state in the east would the city that is the #1 safest place to live 

How Did the Rest of the Cities in Utah Rank? 

They go on to list the 100 safest cities and just two more from Utah get named. South Jordan at #75 and then way down near the bottom, St. George comes in at #97. What seems like a pretty safe place to live has a violent crimes at 0.9 and property crimes at 14.8 per 1,000 residents. 

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The threshold for cities they looked at was a population above 25,000. They also did not include cities that had not reported a complete crime report to the FBI. Who knows if a few more cities had reported properly, St. George might not have made the list.

Does I-15 Effect Crime Statistics in St. George? 

The freeway that runs up the middle of the state carries illegal drug traffic heading from the coast to Colorado and other mountain states. It also brings in criminals who may see Southern Utah as a soft target. This has been noted by local police who have warned about thefts at stores.

Subtracting the crime that comes from this corridor, Utah would probably make its way up the list.

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