The Stanley Cup was hoisted in Sin City less than a year ago, creating a lasting memory for the passionate fans of Vegas.

Seemingly as quickly as it arrived, the cup has departed after a game 7 loss in Dallas to the Stars in the Western Conference First Round.

Despite the turbulent season and the disappoint defeat to the #1 seed in the West, Vegas still has a lot of reason to be optimistic.

Afterall, we never really got to see this team find a rhythm, we never witnessed these players gel to full capacity, and the future may still be bright for the VGK.

The front office in Vegas certainly seems to think so:

Before we can see this team potentially reach that praise, some hard decisions will have to be made in the upcoming free agency period set to start on July 1st.

Vegas made a statement by not only trading for Noah Hanifin, giving up a 2026 first rounder and a 2025 third, but by handing him a fat contract extension to boot. (8 year, $7.35 million annually)

That money will make things a little more difficult to retain a lot of in-house free agents that Vegas has lined up, including a star coming off a career high in goals.

Here’s a look at the players hitting the open market for unrestricted free agency this offseason:


The aforementioned star who scored a career high in goal this year (42), will be a red-hot commodity amongst the NHL hopefuls.

The desire is there for both Jon and the organization to come to some type of agreement as they both owe a lot to one another.

Desire can easily be replaced with money however, and if Vegas has the funds is yet to be determined.

As things stand now, additional moves would almost certainly have to be made to make room for one of the original golden misfits.

With 514 games under his belt in Vegas and 417 points while wearing gold, fans would likely be a bit heartbroken to see Marchy walk.


Center, Chandler Stephenson, has been a key part of any Vegas success since 2019.

Responsible for 50 or more points in three consecutive seasons, Stephenson will likely be a priority to bring back.

His consistency in all aspects can’t be overlooked, and certainly won’t be by vying teams interested in his services.

Stephenson should be easier to secure than Marchessault depending on what the front office decides to make a priority.


A classic case of outplaying your contract, Amadio is likely set for a larger payday on the horizon.

The Italian has 41 goals and 31 assists in his 3 seasons in Sin City.

It won’t be as if Vegas is uninterested in bringing him back, but more so an issue of them not being able to meet the market demand for Amadio’s services.


Like Marchessault, Carrier is a remnant of the original team in 2017 and has called Vegas home for 7 of his 8 professional seasons.

Appearing in 372 games for Vegas up to this point, Carrier experienced a dip in production this last year due to injury problems.

He was greatly missed in his absence and the left winger will draw looks in free agency due to being a stout role player.

During the run to the Stanley Cup, Carrier posted 16 goals and 9 assists for a total of 25 points (career highs).

Once again, the issue won’t be how fond the player and team are of one another, but how much money the team can shell out, and its not a whole awful lot.


A highly touted teammate, Martinez has been an elite veteran presence for the Golden Knights since arriving in 2019.

Retirement is a suitable option for the defenseman, but if the almost 37-year-old wants to give things another go, there shall be suitors.

Teams are always looking for that solid locker room presence and wily leadership and Alec can be your guy as a three-time Stanley Cup Champ.

Vegas could look to go younger depending on how things shake out.


Acquired in March for two draft picks, Mantha was a short-term rental who had 34 points with the Washington Capitals at the time.

The Golden Knights were looking for a shakeup and needed a winger. Enter Mantha.

Since showing up in Vegas, Mantha didn’t quit meet expectations, despite having a brief glimpse of effectiveness in late March.

Only appearing in 18 games with a mound of healthy scratches, including the majority of the postseason, Mantha would net 10 points, three being goals.

This quick hookup never did anything to create lasting interest between the two sides and a split seems inevitable.


Patera spent an abundance of the season with Henderson, posting a save percentage of .911

Jiri was the first goaltender selected by Vegas in the NHL draft to appear in a game for the Golden Knights.

In the pro’s, Patera appeared in six games this season, starting 5 of them.

Going 1-3, Patera created 175 saves going up against 196 shots, allowing 21 goals for a .893 save percentage.







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