Utah TikTok content creators are fighting back against the possible app ban bill that the U.S. House of Representatives passed on Monday April 22. 

It's not just Utah that has concerns of the app being banned but the entire country. There are those who have used to platform to promote their businesses, encourage millions, and even gain opportunities they wouldn’t normally have.  

Utah Governor Spencer Cox has warned of child safety and concerns regarding the content however, that isn’t the issue that the House has with the app.  

ABC4 said that lawmakers are looking at issues like propaganda from China and “personal data risks”. Should the parent company not sell to the U.S. within the year, the TikTok ban could become a reality all over the country.  

Just as all platforms have issues, TikTok is no exception however, since some use the app as a livelihood, the impacts are far greater. Since the app has gained massive popularity over the last few years, several creators have taken to using it as income. So, the ban would also be a giant layoff all over the country, and in Utah.  

One Utah content creator told Fox13 that not only is TikTok a form of income for him, but he has been able to get back to seeing his family versus the 65 or more hours a week he worked at a regular job.  

It's a freeing platform for many, a form of self-expression, and a much-needed break from some of the monotony of everyday life. Utah TikTok creators went to Washington on Monday to attempt to make lawmakers see just that.  

Now, it will be up to the Senate to see where it goes from here.  


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