Back in days when we had presidents named Jimmy and whatever Ford's first name was, an American could buy a paper ticket for a Pan Am flight to Disneyland without having to get a prostate exam. You just, I don't know, went to the airport to buy it? Or I guess you could make a phone call and talk to Doris and she'd mail it to you. Come to think of it, how the heck did airline tickets get bought? Did you just show up to the airport early or something?


Anyway, Mike Lee who is a politician in Utah is saying basically, "keep your meat hooks off!" to the TSA.

According to my research, the TSA has a way of feeling-up every third Tom, Dick, and Harry that come through their little gauntlet and Lee's had enough.

Per the Washington Times, Lee said: (full link)

'“Airlines can and will secure their own planes if a federal agency doesn’t do it for them. They’ll do it better than TSA, without undermining the Constitution and with less groping—showing more respect for passengers,” Mr. Lee wrote on X.

The senator’s call to abolish the TSA — a federal agency established under the Department of Homeland Security — has stirred dialogues among policymakers, security experts, and the public, opening the floor to a broader conversation on the future of aviation security and the role of government agencies in safeguarding citizens."

What are your thoughts on Lee's idea? Let me know your opinion, dumb or otherwise, in the comments!

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