Utah and many other states could be saying goodbye to a long-time food chain due to bankruptcy; Chili’s Bar & Grill. 

Since the pandemic in 2020, many food establishments have been struck with unforeseen difficulties and years later, some haven’t recovered. Mall food is becoming a thing of the past and just like Ruby Tuesday (RIP) and TGIF, Chili’s is on its way out.  

Utah has 17 Chili’s locations spanning the state and though none are inside of a mall, there have been closures of the restaurants across the U.S.  

CNN reported that malls everywhere are struggling to “reinvent” themselves and that seems like a good tactic.  

More regional and local brands are on the rise making chains fight harder to stand out. Places like Lazy Dog, Gen Korean BBQ, and others are what is hot right now. Basically, it's becoming more about the experience than the nostalgia.  

Places that have entertainment as well as unique food options are doing better. So, any malls that have limited entertainment (Red Cliffs for example) are going to struggle more and more.  

Chili’s Bar & Grill is just one of the most recent chains to file for bankruptcy and it wouldn’t be surprising if we started to see some of the locations close in the state, mall or not.  

The idea of the mall being an experience isn’t too farfetched and since some are even filled with sushi conveyor belt restaurants and mini golf attractions, they will do well.  

Chili’s will be missed but maybe it's time for a new era of food and experiences in Utah.  

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