News of cicadas infesting the East Coast of the U.S. has been circulating for months but cicadas are also coming to Utah.  

Every Summer, there are buzzing sounds in the Utah trees and though the state won’t get the massive number of cicadas the East Coast will see, they are still a thing. However, these somewhat annoying creatures cause a baffling issue through no fault of their own.  

A fungus known as Massospora cicadina takes over these creatures in a truly horrifying way, the Albany Herald said.  

It takes over insects, replacing their genitals with fungus sending the creatures into a hypersexual state which spreads the fungus. Once infected, the cicadas become known as the “saltshakers of death”.  

Experts aren’t sure when these creatures get infected exactly just that it happens sometime between when the eggs are hatched, the babies burrow into the soil, and when they emerge.  

Super fungal mating isn’t the only way this is spread. Once mating has occurred, the genitals of the male are ripped off. Once that happens, the cicada flies around dropping fungal spores everywhere continuing to spread it everywhere.

Essentially, Utah could see fungus zombie cicadas. 

With the giant brood hitting the East Coast this year, scientists are hoping to study them and see how they are infected. Roughly 10% of the population will have this. 

Also, some very... adventurous individuals want to try these bugs but with this fungal infection/takeover, it may be wise to stay away from that. However, this isn’t a threat to humans as far as experts know.  

Cicadas Will Pee on You

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