Let's get right to it...we all have things to do.

1982 - JIM McMAHON | BYU - RD 1 PICK 5 (Chicago Bears)

This was back before the draft had all the pomp and circumstance. Back before the top five picks actually were at the draft. McMahon was literally sitting in his den with like seven other people in Roy, Utah.

2005 - ALEX SMITH | UTAH - RD 1 PICK 1 (San Francisco 49ers)

This was a big deal. Number one overall pick. Smith went undefeated his senior year at Utah and beat Pitt in the Fiesta Bowl. He should have won the dang Heisman. Who won the Heisman that year? Let me look it up...Matt Leinart?? What a joke.

And for those 49ers fans who are still mad they took Smith instead of Aaron Rodgers, kiss-off.

2021 - ZACH WILSON | BYU - RD 1 PICK 2 (New York Jets)

2021 - PENEI SEWELL | OREGON - RD 1 PICK 7 (Detroit Lions)

Sewell went to Oregon but he prepped in St. George. He's lived up and exceeded expectations already in Detroit. He's a team leader and I'm hoping that they draft his younger brother in this year's draft...how awesome would that be?

1962 - MERLIN OLSEN | UTAH STATE - RD 1 PICK 3 (Los Angeles Rams)


Olsen is one of the greatest 100 football players in the history of the sport.

Olsen made the most consecutive Pro Bowls in NFL history.

Here he is next to Deacon Jones and two other legends.

We'll see where Jaren Hall, Blake Freeland, Dalton Kincaid, Clark Phillips III, Noah Sewell and everybody else we care about goes in this year's draft.

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