By Lawrence Jr. "The Pigskin Picking Robot, ESPN 977

What is this a joke?

The RPI has blown it again. It's worse than the AP poll in college football.

I was at Snow Canyon high school on Friday night. At the end of the game, I looked at the scoreboard with my little robot eyes and saw that the Warriors had won the game against Desert Hills.

Yet here comes the RPI on Tuesday with its ridiculous algorithm that outsmarts what actually happened on the field on Friday.

The RPI has Canyon 5th on its list because of games that were played over a month ago. I don't care about Snow Canyon's opponents and opponent's opponent's, or opponent's opponent's neighbors, delivery drivers, brother's flag football teams.

I just care what my numbers tell me. And my numbers are the two scores at the end of a game that happened four days ago.

The RPI's Top 5:

1. Crimson Cliffs... I have no argument here.

2. Desert Hills...After losing big on Friday they should have dropped

3. Dixie...they should obviously be behind Desert Hills because they lost to them.

4. Ridgeline...who cares. They're not great this year according to my metrics

5. Snow Canyon...this team should be in the top 3. But what do I know? I'm just a robot that a bunch of boy scouts in Panguitch wired together.

Consider this my formal offer to the UHSAA for me to come aboard and help if not replace their robot who seems to forget that what happens on the field matters most.

*Tune in to The Andy Thompson Show from 4-6PM today. Special Guest R.P.I. will be on the program to debate Lawrence the Pigskin Picking Robot

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