Despite the 115-105 loss VS Dallas last night, the Utah Jazz managed to surpass prior achievements.

Utah’s previous longest losing streak (5 games from February 8th to 22nd) was bested by a new and improved six game losing streak from March 16th to current day, and with 10 games remaining there is room to improve.

Utah was fully healthy (minus a Kris Dunn suspension), played well for three quarters, Lauri Markkanen had 33 points after three quarters, and yet the end was highly predictable.

The Jazz were outscored by ten, turned it over 5 times and forced no turnovers in return, Markkanen took one shot, all within the span of the 4th quarter and Utah notched another loss.

Despite showing glimpses of why this should be a fun team, it once again left fans wondering why they tuned in to watch a team that’s lost 17 of their last 20 games.

The Jazz are in a unique spot, and so are their fans. Really this is unchartered ground for Jazz Nation.

When the team first moved to Utah, they experienced 4 straight losing seasons, before winning 45 games in 1983.

The Jazz then posted a record above .500 from 1983 all the way to 2004. That’s a massive stretch of being a good to great basketball team.

And even after that 2004 season, the Jazz would hit .500 the next season before embarking on another 5 straight seasons of winning basketball.

The short story is: The Jazz have had 7 losing seasons since 1983, including this year.

The even shorter story is: The Jazz and their fans have experienced consecutive losing seasons ONE time since the team officially became competitive in 1983.

Those years were 2013, 2014, and 2015, often regarded by fans as the worst time in Jazz history.

Losing seasons in 2004, 2010, 2013-2015, 2022 and soon to be 2023 in 41 seasons is something most franchises wish they could say.  The Jazz have been a winning franchise nearly 83 percent of the time in 41 years.

And with the organization about to face consecutive losing seasons for only the 2nd time in that time span, Jazz fans aren’t quite accustomed on how to handle it all.

And now, the slightly larger story is this: If Utah doesn’t finish the season at least 8-2, which they likely won’t, the Jazz will not only post consecutive losing season, but do so with a record worse than the year prior.

With 37 wins last year, and 29 as of now with ten games remaining, the Jazz are not only track, but are seated and belted in to being worse off than the year before.

When they went below .500 from 2013-2015, they went from winning 25 games to winning 38 to winning 40 before reemerging.

We may not have a championship, but could count on winning a buttload of games before inevitable playoff disappointment.

Now, we poor picked on Jazz fans don’t even have regular season accolades to boast upon, or proven success in terms of improving upon win totals after a down year.

In all reality, history has shown that Utah bucks the losing trend rather quickly compared to many of its NBA buddies, but we fans aren’t too keen to sit back and wait on future promises to be fulfilled.

Like Kids in a car, we want to go to Disneyland, we agree to do what it takes to go to Disneyland, we understand what it takes to get to go to Disneyland, but it won’t stop us from asking if we are there yet every 15 minutes.


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