Are you or someone you know suffering from the worst Fall allergies you've ever had in your miserable life? What the heck is going on. I thought this crap stopped in May. I've never had worse allergies and it's October. Is this some kind of sick joke? Is it the Russians?

IC: Andy Thompson
IC: Andy Thompson

Well, a thoughtful citizen posed a similar question online and got some good feedback.

u/WJ12802 asked:

"What in the world is causing the severe allergies this fall? I’ve never experienced this level of itchy eyes and runny nose as I have over the past several weeks and it seems even worse over the last few days. I’ve had co-workers and friends comment that they’ve had them so bad that they can barely distinguish between allergies and cold. Anyone else? Any ideas?" (Link)

The number one answer they got back was "rabbit brush."

attachment-Rabbit brush

u/mycaspires said:

"Three guesses: Goldenrod, rabbit brush, and sunflowers. They’re all blooming now as well as heavy producers of pollen.

Plus I believe the wet winter has lead to a larger plant biomass production, which leads to more flowers and pollen in general."

Great point. All that water made these suckers extra big this fall.

u/Cold-Inside said:

"I’ve been getting wrecked for the past two weeks. Allegra doesn’t touch it. Shit tons of rabbit brush everywhere. Pulled some in my yard and had a big reaction afterward so I know it is at least part of my misery."

So, the little bugger that's ruining your life right now is rabbit brush according to extensive research. But watch out for cottonwood too...

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