The LPGA Epson Copper Rock Championship and the  LPGA Senior Championship at Copper Rock are fast approaching.

The Epson is May 16th-18th and the Senior Championship is May 23rd-25th. Visit for all of the details.

We were thrilled to have five golfers on our show who will be competing.

Ford Championship presented by KCC - Round One
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Angela Stanford - LPGA Senior Championship 

Last year's LPGA Senior Championship winner and a multi tournament champion and major winner during her illustrious LPGA career.

Stanford competes in both the LPGA and the LPGA Senior Tour at the same time. She started on the Futures Tour (now the Epson Tour) back in 2000. She's won 7 tournaments in her LPGA career, which includes the 2018 Evian Championship Major.

Here's our full interview with Angela Stanford:

HSBC Women's Champions - Day One
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Kim Kaufman - Epson Tour

Kaufman started on the Epson Tour in 2013, spent several years on the LPGA tour and is now fighting her way back there.

She's won over $1 million dollars in her career.

Here's our full interview with Kaufman:

Dow Great Lakes Bay Invitational - Round Two
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Jill McGill - LPGA Senior Championship

McGill was awesome to talk to she has a great sense of humor and has had a great career in golf. McGill was the U.S. Women's Amateur champion back in 1993. She is in a prestigious group with Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, JoAnne Carner and Carol Semple Thompson. The only players to win three separate USGA championships.

Here's our interview with McGill:

Ricoh Women's British Open - Round One
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Sherri Steinhauer - LPGA Senior Championship

Steinhauer is awesome and won 8 times during her LPGA career. She's also super into pickleball and promised to give me some pointers when she gets into town.

Here's our interview with Steinhauer:

Alexis Phadungmartvorakul - Epson Tour

One of the best golfers in the history of the University of Oregon. She's been great on the Epson tour. She had a top 5 finish in 2023 and is looking forward to a great 2024.

Here's our full interview with Phadungmartvorakul:

We'll see you at Copper Rock!

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