When I was in the second grade a girl in my class heard me say something she didn't like and so the next day she saw my mom and went up to her and said "Andy said the C-word yesterday in class." And my mom was like, "really. What's the C-word?" And the girl said "C-R-A-P". He said crap. And my mom was like..."That's it? That's what offended you?

This is how I feel today.

Luka Doncic had a fan thrown out of a game last night in Dallas. Now, many players have had fans thrown out recently. LeBron, Westbrook and others. And I always say it's because they're soft and coddled and Bill Russell would never stop making fun of how soft they are if we could still talk to him. But the players say, no it's serious stuff and it's racial or it's about our families and there's no place for it.

The problem for Luka is there was a reporter last night who witnessed the whole thing. So there can be no exaggerating what was said. Luka was running up the court and the fan yelled: "Luka you're tired! Get your ass on the treadmill!"

That's it?? That's what offended you?? You had that fan ejected from the game for that, Luka? What the crap is wrong with you?? 

Part of being an NBA player is being out on the court and having drunk people yell at you. If somebody yells something as innocuous as what this fan said, and he gets thrown out, then the league has gotten way too soft.

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