Old Danny Boy has done it again.

Per ESPN Sources: The Atlanta Hawks are trading John Collins to the Jazz for Rudy Gay and a future second-round pick.

This is a great trade for one reason...you gave up nothing.

The Jazz basically got a good player without sacrificing anything which is a sign of a great deal.


"Among players active in each of the past six seasons, Collins is one of just five to average 15 points on 55%-plus shooting, according to ESPN Stats & Information data. The other four are Nikola JokicGiannis AntetokounmpoJonas Valanciunas and Domantas Sabonis." (Full Article here)

Great job by the Jazz.

Collins has played his whole career in Atlanta. He was a first round pick in 2017 out of Wake Forest. He was born in Layton, Utah before moving when he was young because his dad was in the Air Force.

Here's what Jazz writers are saying about it:

Tony Jones (The Athletic)

"A ton of questions what this means for Taylor Hendricks in the mentions

1. There is a pathway to minutes for him. A frontcourt typically plays five guys at least

2. Cream rises to the top. If Hendricks proves good enough, he will play."

This is a great point. How will John Collins effect rookie Taylor Hendricks' minutes? It'll probably take some pressure off Hendricks to perform immediately.

McCade Pearson (Our buddy on Twitter):

"This is an absolutely wild and insane trade that has a lot to love and a lot to hate. Going to need hours to process this.

Also, Quin and Gay, lol.

Gay has to approve this trade for it to go through."

Love to see it! Way to go Danny and Co.

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