Southern Utah has an IN-N-OUT, and it has a Five Guys but there's one cult burger place that's been at least an eight hour drive to the nearest location that will now be just an hour and a half. Whataburger is coming to Las Vegas...

Per the Whataburger website: (full article)

“As the city that never sleeps, and a brand that is open 24/7, it only made sense to bring a Whataburger to the Strip. Whether you’re craving a double-meat Whataburger with jalapeños or a savory Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, Whataburger has your back with breakfast, lunch and dinner,” said Whataburger President and CEO, Ed Nelson. “We’re excited for both locals and visitors to sink their teeth into a fresh new option and find ways to customize their Whataburgers ‘just the way they like it.’”

Now, I don't know if Whataburger is any good. People from Texas say it's better than IN-N-OUT and will fight to the death about it.

Then there are other people who aren't so sold on it like u/rustyXdreams who said:

"Whataburger is like the Arctic Circle of the south. Very low quality food (lower quality than Arctic Circle even) tailored to a specific regional taste. They put a lot of mustard on their burgers. Their breakfasts have some decent tasting items (taquitos mainly), but really it isn't anything special. Eating at Burger King or Wendy's will get you 95% of the same experience." (Reddit)

So wait, why is it such a cult burger place if it's like Burger King or Wendy's? Is there a White Castle element to it?

What do you think? Have you ever had it?

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