There are those who say: "let's just do numbers that's what Brigham had in mind." And they say that because when U2 came and sang at the Winter Olympics back in 2002, he sang "Where the Streets Have No Name" and Utahn's got goosebumps because it was applicable to their state because Utah has street names like "1200 South" instead of "Oak."

People from Utah look at people from out East or any other state, like they're cavemen. Street names should convey directional information, they say, not just some generic tree or after some old general or something.

Well, it makes sense to me, but I get confused with this grid system. It all looks the same. Every intersection is similar. And I'm too dumb to understand.

That being said, not every road in Utah is named something like "2100 E."

Neighborhood roads often have a theme. Like Lord of the Rings, or Ivy League colleges, or body parts.

They can get pretty clever and funny. According to Readers Digest, the funniest street name in Utah is "Wayne's World Drive" in Draper, UT.


"You could say this street in Draper is named for the Saturday Night Live skit-turned movie franchise. Or you could say it’s named after local farmer Wayne Ballard by the developer, Terry Diehl, who bought the land from Wayne and turned it into Corner Canyon Estates." (Full Article from Readers Digest)

Interesting. Sounds like it's a shoutout to the farmer while also referencing the movie. I loved Wayne's World when I was a kid. I'm sure if I went back and watched it now it wouldn't be as good. Anyway, let me know in the comments if you know of a better street name in Utah.

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