Basically it's this guy and the Osmunds and now it's just the Osmunds I guess.

People say that rappers do what they do because they got 86-ed from the school madrigals and they spend the rest of their lives expressing their disappointment. The idea being that they don't have the chops to play Jean Valjean in the school play, so they basically spend study hall carving angry rhymes in their desks and on bathroom stalls. Problem with that theory is some rappers can actually sing like Dean Martin (if not like Donny Osmund himself).

Post Malone, the Utah rapper who's leaving the state, might actually be one of these types.

Here's a clip of him singing a cover of a Pearl Jam's "Betterman":

There are those that say: "Dude, stick with mumbling."

And others who say: "He sells it with soul."

But Malone's greatest gift to the state of Utah might not be his music but his bringing a Raisin' Cane's to Milford or wherever the heck.

So why is he leaving Utah if everybody here loves him?

According to (Link to Full Article)

"Utah's most famous current resident is packing his things and leaving the Beehive State.

Rapper, singer and songwriter Post Malone made his big announcement Tuesday during an interview on the Howard Stern Show.

When talking about his multi-acre compound in the Salt Lake area, the chart-topping superstar told Stern that he wants "a little bit more" space for his rest and relaxation.

"We're going to expand the Jam Zone a little bit, I guess," he said."

Are you a Post Malone fan?


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